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Public ART

I try to create imaginative, charming, and accessible public art, primarily using the computer as a design tool. I use modern design inspired by nature as a point of emphasis. Bold expressive shapes and stylish lines and color create dramatic interplay of light and shadow.


My personal sculpture creations are generally sculpted in clay or printed from a 3D model. Some are finished in bronze and some painted plastic. All are highly representational with stylized proportions for a more surreal effect. I like to focus on the idea of subjectivity and topics like desire and fantasy.

donquixote (1)_edited.jpg


With a background in traditional sculpture and fabrication and skills with several different modeling and production software programs I can offer design help to artists or companies who would like help visualizing a concept through production and installation.


20 Digit Design

aka Daniel Hornung

I earned a BFA from the University of Arizona in 2004 and went on to work as a craftsman at Metalphysic Sculpture Studio. In 2008 I moved to Austin, Texas where I worked as a designer and project manager at Ion Art. I designed signage, sculpture, and architectural decor. In 2015 I returned to Tucson where I currently work as a designer and sculptor with a studio assistant named Major Major.


Thank you!

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